Thursday, December 31, 2009

Internet Detox Results in Potential Kitchen Explosion!

I'm addicted to the internet. If you're reading this, inevitably so are you. I download my free time for tweets, social interaction, and the joy of knowing I can stream kittens all day long if I want to. (And I do want to). But right now, I don't have the internet. I don't even have television. *GASP* *An internet kitten dies with the horror.* I know we're talking serious scary stuff here. On top of that, it's vacation. New Year's Eve is tomorrow, the Christmas craze has ended and I am in that sweet spot before one has to go back to work. I have all the free time in the world...and no internet. So what exactly am I supposed to do?


If you haven't noticed this is my cake decorating blog. Last year I decided to learn how to decorate cakes, and trust me that's not going to stop. But in making cake look good, I've also become interested in making cake (and all other things bake-able)
TASTE good too. So my New Year's resolution is to be a little more active in this blog thingy and record my adventures in not only cake decorating but in the inevitable explosion of my kitchen! Are you up for the ride?

According to TV food personality Alton Brown (or at least the cover of the book I saw at Barnes and Noble) Food + Mixing + Heat = Baking, and according to unknown amateur decorator and baker Ingrid Sundberg, lack of internet + fear of having no response when asked my New Year's resolution + recent viewing of Julie and Julia = Ridiculous Baking Extravaganza (detailed with full disclosure on my favorite addition - the internets!)

Small Voice: Wait! If you have no internet, how can you post your adventures?
*The all knowing Ingrid laughs*
All Knowing Ingrid: Silly Rabbit, internets are for kids!
(That's code for the cable guy is coming tomorrow).

As with all cooking it is best to start with a recipe, so let's pick out some ingredients for this ridiculous baking bonanza!

1. Bake and/or decorate something once a week. Be as diligent as possible!
2. Provide pictures so people can see the prettiness (and the messiness).
3. Provide scratch and sniff icons so people can smell the aroma! Mmmmmm!
4. Invent technology so ingredient #3 may be provided.
5. Record failures with as much detail as successes. Full disclosure!
6. Try and keep things related to cake, dessert, and confectionery delights.
7. Have fun. Because all baking should be done with love, and it reminds you that the mountain of dishes you must wash was worth it.

Mix, add heat, and blog about it.

Seems simple enough. Hopefully this is one recipe I can actually follow!


  1. I want the scratch and sniff icons on your site!!! I just picked up a chocolate baking book this morning and was looking for something to bake the in-laws. I'm opting on the simple side of the oven so will let you know how it goes!

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