Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Cake!

Happy Birthday America!!

I hope you all celebrated freedom with grilled meat, parade candy, and explosions in the sky! I spent the day elbow deep in frosting making my first 4-tier cake! It was a battle between man and gravity as I attempted to make sure everything was bigger and taller - as it should be - this is America!

And to my stacking glee, gravity did not get the best of me, and I successfully surmounted these four tiers of butter cream bliss. This was actually a test run, as I will be making a 4-tier cake for a family member's wedding in August. So never fear, bride-to-be, your cake will be tall and tasty! Though I may need to do a few more butter cream smoothing exercises before the big day.

I also want to thank my friends, students, and office workers of friends - who all kindly ate these four-tiers of cake-y goodness. Because cake should not be wasted! And thanks (as always) to Russell Gearhart Photography for the fantastic images!

Bring on the cake America!!!


  1. i love it! let me know what you learn about buttercream smoothness, i'm running into the same dilemma with my cakes!!

  2. Gorgeous!

    What flavor(s)?

  3. I went for a simple chocolate and vanilla for the flavors.