Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thirty and Brimming with Spice!

My fingers wrinkle like ripe prunes. They’re water soaked and swollen from the three GIGANTIC loads of dishes accumulated from last night’s soiree. Not to mention the multiple loads of dishes created far before the party, when the baked goods were baked. I flop down on the couch; fingers puckered, and ask myself - is it really worth it?

*Sits quiet, contemplating*

Do you really think I’m going to throw the cake out with the dish water?! Oh how you underestimate me! All I need is some hot pink dish washin' gloves and a stiff drink.

Oh yeah, and I’m thirty.

Yup, I’m fresh out of the oven of the eternal party of my twenties, and I’ve been tossed onto the cooling rack where I will inevitably mold and rot. Right? No way! This newly-thirty is ready to shine. I’m well seasoned and brimming with spice! I’ve spent the last week celebrating the dirty thirty in all its fun and flirty fabulousness with the following baking (and some non-baking) excitement:

1) I dyed my hair an emerald peacock blue. Yes, I come into my thirties in blazing green phoenix fire! I am baker hear me roar!

2) Cupcake tasting! Who needs birthday cake when you have three cupcake shops just down the street? Better to taste eight cakes than one? Really, who’s going to argue with that logic? Coming soon – a full post about two birthday gals comparing Pasadena’s cake-cuisine! Who makes the best cupcakes in Pasadena? Violet’s Cakes? Dots? Or My Sweet Cupcake?

3) I had a Champagne Shower. Because everyone who turns thirty needs to bathe in champagne, or at least have a little Korean man dump an entire bottle over your head! I did, and it was the best shower of my life. Sticky and alcohol-y, and awesome!

4) A two-day bake-a-thon where I embarked on the creation of flan, chocolate reese’s peanut butter cup cake (two tiers of it, baked and then decorated), and an apple cherry pie. Hence the never ending tower of dishes mentioned above.

5) And finally, the grand finale: a silly eye-ware party where friends wore crazy glasses, and gorged themselves on tasty treats. Priceless.

Yes, thirty is the new thirteen…or the new “cougar”…or something. But whatever it is, I’m it! So don’t get too distracted because a series of full disclosure blog posts, photos and all, are coming! And you don’t want to miss a single magnificent munch-able-moment!

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