Friday, April 16, 2010

Purple Brighton Cake

Psst - guess what? Librarians like cake! I know who would have thunk.

*Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* The librarian hisses spooning mouth fulls of chocolate cake passed her pursed lips.

Actually librarians are very cool. They can find information that it would take you years to find. They are impervious to paper cuts. They can sneak up on you like a samurai, and give you the one book that will change your life. And hey, they look hot in horn-rimmed glasses. Plus they're great people.

So as it goes, my librarian friend requested a cake for a farewell fiesta meant to celebrate the work of a fellow librarian who is changing branches. And there's now way to say you-rock-damsel-of-the-dewy-decimal-system, quite like you can with cake!

This purple "Brighton" cake was inspired by the jewelry of the leaving librarians favorite retailer and was made with fondant and butter cream.

Inspirational jewelry by Brighton.

Special thanks to these creative images provided by Russell Gearhart Photography.

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  1. i'm just learning fondant this coming week. i can't wait! looks so good!