Friday, April 2, 2010

Ten Easter Cupcake Ideas

What does Easter have to do with bunnies and colored eggs and baskets of sweets? You've got me stumped. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy hunting for some colorful cupcakes to make the day a wee bit tastier. Pick any of the following ideas to compliment your jellybeans and Cadbury Cremes:

1) Easter Egg Nests and Blue Birds
Cover the top of your cupcakes with some toasted coconut and add some chocolate malt eggs for a spring nest. Or rif on this idea and swap out the eggs for blue candies and make a trio of tweeting blue birds to sing you Happy Easter. Make nests with the Food Channel or blue birds with the Tip Nut Blog.

2) Nutty Spring Chicks
Roll your cakes in coconut and garnish with almond beaks and licorice candies to create these adorable spring chickens! Silly and fun! Make this with Martha Stewart.

3) Lovely with Lolli-pops
Turn a sweet sucker into a festive flower with a bouquet of lolli-pop cupcakes. Color with sprinkles and accent with fondant leaves and you have a lolli-pop gold! Also brought to you by Martha Stewart.

4) They're Multiplying Like Rabbits (or Bunnies
You can never have too many cupcake bunnies, particularly when they are oh, so adorable! Make the ears out of fondant and Japanese rice noodles for whiskers and you might find yourself hopping away with your own litter of bunny cakes. Make your own and see more photos with Bakerella.

5) Fluffy Little Bunny Butts

It's okay if bunnies are digging in your garden if they are made of cake! These adorable bunny behinds are made from Oreos and frosting. Bring a little humor into your holiday with these fluffy tails that were featured in the book Hello, Cupcake. Make your own with Whisk This.

6) Classic Easter Eggs

Sprinkle and decorate some egg shaped cookies and top your cupcakes for a fun egg-tastic effect! Again another fun idea from the cupcake-genius' at Hello, Cupcake.

7) Cadbury Creme Dream

No Easter is quite the same without the classic Cadbury Creme egg. Though a creme egg is a powerhouse dessert on its own you can spike your cakes with double-sugar-rama for a knockout creme delight! Make these creamy confections with Bakespace.

8) Easter Basket Bliss

Go hunting for eggs with mini-easter baskets made from licorice and M&M's, these simple treats are fun and festive. Build your own baskets with Cabaret Squidoo.

9) Sweet Center Strawberries

Go for a fresh spring surprise with these sweet strawberry cupcakes. Put a whole strawberry into the middle and leave the green on top to tease the tasters! Recipe comes from the Food Network.

10) Hatch Your Own Baby Birds

Make your own Easter chicks out of yellow fondant. Add a white egg shell for a dramatic effect! Spring has sprung! This baby bird comes from Baking Your Dreams Come True.



  1. Happy Easter to you too! Gorgeous as always.

  2. excellent ideas! my mum and I are going to try the first one with the coconut shavings! I personally love the last chick one the best! soo cute! :)

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  4. Yum yum! Those treats looks so really yummy! I'd love to take a bite, can I? LOL. I'd love to share this to my Easter 2014 pinterest board.