Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten Sweet Ideas for Your Sweetheart

What are you getting your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?

Women swoon for roses. But as the age-old saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! (Let’s be honest, that works for most women too.) So, I researched some heart-o-riffic cupcake ideas that will leave your valentine craving your sweetness this Valentine's Day!

1)Written With Love
Woo your valentine with a chocolate, hand-written cupcake note! This tasty valent
ine comes to you from her crafty-ness Ms. Martha Stewart and her baking entourage.

2) Be the Queen of Hearts
Quick and classic, entice your sweetheart with a little
devil's food cake love! Top of your cake with butter cream and a flair of fondant hearts! This little secret comes from Confessions of a Bakeaholic.

3) Bring a Box of Chocolates
Take a classic box of chocolates and give it a cake-
y twist! Make mini-cupcakes and decorate them with pink and red candies and chocolate frosting. This chocolate creation is brought to you by the cupcake masters who wrote the book "Hello, Cupcake."

4) Love, With a Cherry on Top
If you're not feeling the chocolate, think about adding a little cherry to your valentine-a
-licious holiday! Cherry chip cake makes a light and lovely cupcake and will add a little "bing" to your relationship. Cherry ideas are compliments of Karen, the housewife looking to Do Better.

5) Say it with Flowers
Sure, fresh flowers can run up a pretty penny, but that doesn't mean you have to forget the sentiment. Make a gift that comes from the heart: rose cupcakes! These flowers use fruit roll-ups or fruit leather to make your heart blossom. Create a dozen with a little help from Disney's Family Fun Magazine. 6) Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Hearts!
Dazzle up your day with the classic of classic valentine swee
ts: chocolate! Melt up some super-sweet chocolate and pipe hearts to decorate your valentine goodies. These sinful sweets are animal-friendly, too! That's right, this choc-o-riffic recipe is brought to you by a Couple of Vegans with serious chocolate-know-how.

7) Be Mine! Be My Mini-Cake!
Start the conversation with a sassy heart-shaped mini-cake. Be Mine! Hug Me! Tweet Me! Send your loved one a special message with a mini-cake cut in the shape of a heart. Make yours with butter cream and the guidance of Martha Stewart, or try Ezra Pound Cake's fondant fun.

8) Pour on the Sugar!
Forget the frosting and sweeten up a red velvet cupcake with
some powdered sugar. Cut a heart from construction paper and dust your cupcakes with powdered sugar for an elegant and classy look. Tie a ribbon around your confection to catch your valentine's eye! This ruby red recipe comes from Better Homes and Gardens.

9) Bleeding Hearts
Not into the super-sappiness of Valentine's Day? That's okay, you can try something a little more "realistic" with a jelly-filled bleeding heart cupcake. It's sure to be a heart stopper! This sweet bleeder comes compliments of YumSugar.

10) Kiss 'Em Goodnight!
Every Valentine wants a goodnight kiss, so be sure to pucker up! Leave your mark on the inside of an Oreo cookie, buy gummy lips, or make your kissers with butter cream or fondant. Just make sure your sweet lips show up to the party!

Feel free to comment with your own sweet ideas! Be safe. Be fabulous. Eat cake!
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. wow, this is so portland... you should do this in portland... i would buy your cupcakes if you lived in portland... maybe you should live in portland... do you sense a theme?

    hearts and roses,
    portland, OREGON!!! teh #1

  2. I made chocolate cupcakes for John last year. I wasn't this creative but I did spell out a sweet message for him using a letter for each cupcake. Maybe I'll do it again and use one of these ideas. I like cupcake candy box and oreo kiss cupcakes. -Jackie

  3. love the realistic bleeding heart ones!