Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cupcake Challenge: My Sweet Cupcake

The final challenger in the Pasadena Cupcake Challenge is South Pasadena’s darling desert-erie My Sweet Cupcake.

This adorable shop is the queen of quaint! Pretty red cupcake decals and lacy curtains line the windows as you enter this red ‘n white polka-dot palace. You are immediately greeted with the slogan “Everyday is a cupcake day!” and the brimming smile of one cake loving hometown hostess! If cake was heaven, My Sweet Cupcake would be the frosted gates.

Sweet jewels of frosting and fruit glimmer under a glass case, as the cupcake-ista describes each decadent desert. We choose our selections and sit in a cozy window seat under a crystal chandelier to consume our cake. Not to mention the charm of fun felt flowers and hand painted signs that surround and proclaim “you’re sweet!”

And we are.

My Sweet Cupcake was also the only shop to wish me a happy birthday, and back up the gesture with a free cupcake! How kind. Our sinful selections included:

1) Circus Circus – A vanilla cupcake baked with chunks of circus circus cookies, topped with butter cream and a pretty pink elephant cookie.
2) Lady Bug – Chocolate cake cut in half to create a whip cream center, topped with cream and fresh strawberries.
3) Black Tie – Chocolate cake with a cream cheese center, topped with powdered sugar and chocolate stripes.

Despite the birthday bribery, how does My Sweet Cupcake compare?

Moisture: 4 Stars
Though delicious, this was the first shop that had a somewhat dry texture to their cake. Not entirely, but it was notable after attending two other cupcake shops prior. Not to say the cake wasn’t good, because it was mighty munchable!

Frosting: 4 ½ Stars
My Sweet Cupcake was the first to have multiple frostings and textures, from whipped cream to piped chocolate and classic butter cream. With a variety of tastes, we had more to explore and enjoy in our frosting feasts. All were good, but none stood out as amazing (hence the ½ star missing). But that doesn’t mean you won’t want to try more than one!

Flavor: 4 ½ Stars
Super creative in its concepts (who doesn’t think a circus circus cupcake is complete genius?), however, execution didn’t quite live up to my imagination. That said, the flavors were still sweet and scrum-didily-umptious!

Presentation: 3 ½ Stars
Simple decorations and pretty presentation make these confections crave-able, but no fancy feats of fashion were on these cupcakes adorned. Simple and straight forward, still makes a creative gal wish for frills and flair.

Atmosphere: 5 Stars
This is where My Sweet Cupcake stands far above the others. Finding that perfect balance between branding and delightful design, Sweet Cupcake feels like a home outside of home. Its cozy, comforting and the perfect place to consume cake! Not to mention the stellar customer service of the lovely and kind, Davida, who seemed genuinely interested in my birthday and our cake tasting adventures! (That’s right I even remember her name).

Selection: 4 Stars
The good variety and fun flavors of My Sweet Cupcake will keep your pastry passions pleased, and I can’t wait to see what new and fun flavors will be cooked up in the weeks to come.

Finally tasty tally for My Sweet Cupcake is: 4.5 Stars

If you are looking for a place to hang out and spend some time with a friend, My Sweet cupcake is hands down the best place to entertain and indulge in a delightful delicacy.

(We're making a three and zero for turning thirty! We aren't saying My Sweet Cupcake is a three).

It seems all of Pasadena’s Cupcakeries are worthy or your avid appetites! I challenge you to go taste them all for yourself!

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Special Thanks to Russell Gearhart Photography

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