Sunday, March 28, 2010

Five Floolish April Fools Cupcakes

Time to make your April foolery sweet and tasty! Trick your friends with these fun foods that don't quite look like cake...

1) On Top of Spaghetti

For your pasta lovers bring out these savory spaghetti and meatball treats. This idea originates from the Hello, Cupcake book and has been riffed on by various pasta (aka: cake) lovers. (It's really made from raspberries and icing!) Make your own with Not Quite Nigella.

2) Corny Cupcakes
Who doesn't love corn on the cob? Particularly when the corn is really jelly bellies? Get out your corn holders and be sure to sprinkle sugar on this treat instead of salt! Get corny with Martha Stewart.

3) Burgers Baby
Fool your friends with these bite-size burgers! Nothing tastes quite like "mustard" and "ketchup" icing! Enjoy a little beef-cake with Smiley's Sweet Creations.

4) Eat your Peas and Carrots!
And your potatoes too! Another winner from the Hello, Cupcake book that is guaranteed to make your kids (and adults) eat their vegetables! Trick the eye with some starburst, caramel, and green m&ms! Be "healthy" with Eat 'n Vegan.

5) Fishy Sweets
Okay, so my last fooling food isn't actually a cupcake, but it's not quite sushi either! Make your own sweet sushi with rice crispy treats, chocolate, and papaya! Play sushi chef with Anastasia.

Have a sweet - and foolish - April Fools Day!

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  1. OK, the corn and burgers are great! I think they'd both be really cute for a cookout.