Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten Cleverly Clover Cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day

Kiss Me I make cupcakes (and I'm not Irish)!

That's right, we don't have to be Irish to green-up some cake for St. Patrick’s day do we? Not if we’re lucky, (and a little cake-crafty). I’m betting if we use some of the ideas below no one will care if we’re I-rish when we can provide the De-lish.

So get ready to chase the rainbow with cupcakes in hand, because before you know it all the leprechauns in your life will be after yee lucky cupcakes!

1) Keepin’ it Classic with Clovers
Start simple and class up a vanilla cupcake with some found clovers. Make sure you wash off the clovers before decorating! Made by Martha: Martha Stewart

2) Shamrock-Wow!
Pinch and decorate your cupcake tops with three leafs. Throw in a little licorice stick (green of course) for a stem and Wow! Sham-rock-tabulous! You could also use three mini cupcakes for a similar effect. This creative concept comes from: Fun Family Stuff

3) Gummy and Green
Make your own sugar shamrocks with some green gumdrops and a little luck. All you need is a small heart shaped cookie-cutter and you’ll be sculpting your own St. Paddy’s day sweets. Gummy-licous guidelines come from: Disney’s Family Fun Magazine

4) Find a Pot of Gold
Plant a pot of gold on top of your cupcake with chocolate foil-wrapped coins and rainbow hard-sugars. Super easy with winning results! Chase the rainbow with Zen Cupcake.

5) I’m Green on the Inside
Sometimes it's not about what’s on top of the cake, but what’s on the inside! It’s time to Green-up your cake with this Green Velvet Recipe from the Party Blueprints Blog.

6) Taste the Rainbow
If green is too bland, you can dazzle up your inner cupcake-self with stunning rainbow cake. Mix food coloring into your batter and layer it into each liner. Make cupcakes with Baking Bites or a whole cake with Ingrid!

7) Leprechaun Cupcakes
If you’re feeling fondant fabulous sculpt your own little leprechaun lads to decorate your cakes! This one was made by The Cupcake Gallery.

8) The Irish Love Tea
Looking for a little Zen in your St. Patrick’s celebration? Go eclectic with green tea bubble cream-filled cupcakes and a green tea frosting! Yum! Find Cupcake-n'-lightenment with this recipe from Chockylit and the Cupcake Blog.

9) Me Cake's A'hrr Minty and Deeeeelicious!
Celebrate with green frosting, piped clovers, and the perfect pairing of mint and chocolate! Minty and scrumptious! Recipe from Bon Appetit.

10) Kiss me I’m Irish (or make cupcakes)
Put on some green food coloring, pucker up and kiss away…or use a stamp and a food coloring marker like Two Parts Sugar did!

What about the Booze?
Of course we all know that St. Patrick's day is really an excuse to drink. So don’t let your cake be the designated driver. Intoxicate your cake with a little beer flavor. Look for my next post (coming this weekend) when I make Guinness Cupcakes!

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